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I'm going to attempt my first build next week, all my parts should be here. Is there an online resource that will outline the order of steps in which a build should be done? Is there a specific order? Anything major that I should be aware of? I'm not mechanically challenged by any means, but I'm not a pro wrench, either. Thanks in advance for any advice and suggestions!

eminence grease
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This site tells you how to do just about everything:

Scroll down to the bike, point at the part and it will instruct you on the proper means.

This site has a full collection of .PDFs with Shimano installation instructions:

Ditto here for Campy:

In terms of order, everyone has their own way of doing it. Just follow the logical progression of putting stuff on in the order you need it.


Seat/seatpost (so I can put it in the workstand)
Fork and Stem
Bottom Bracket
Front Derrailleur
Rear Derailleur
Levers and cables
Bar tape
Wrap the bar
Adjust the derailleurs
Adjust saddle position
Log all the fit data in the computer
Check for what I forgot
Ride like the wind
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