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I posted this issue several months ago in the sticky "Browser and OS issues" thread. I've since taken the proactive route to determine exactly what's going on, and I think Gregg and company should be able to fix it.

Here's the deal: In Opera (which is hands down the best browser), image attachments on this site are displayed side-by-side, whereas, in Internet Explorer and Firefox, they're displayed vertically as intended. If there are ten images in a single post of a ride report, the page appears extremely wide in Opera, and it involves a tremendous amount of horizontal scrolling to view the images. What's worse, any text in the post is word-wrapped to the same extremely large width, meaning large paragraphs often fit on one line that extends for miles. A huge pain to read.

Just today I was looking at the html code generated by the forum software and I isolated the cause. In my opinion, Opera is actually the one interpreting the code correctly, and the other browsers are not. In any case, the code can be fixed so that all browsers stack the images vertically as intended.

I put together some demo pages with sample code to illustrate exactly what's happening. Bottom line, if the admins can modify the PHP code to generate the html as I've shown in Example 3, everything will be rosy.

The demo:
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