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Course: 44 mile (4 lap circuit). Rolling terrain.
Weather: overcast, light sprinkles to increasing rain and decreasing temp.

I am still too nervous about something that should be fun. I think it is performance anxiety. I just can’t seem to turn the thoughts off. I am concerned because I have been struggling in the hills and this course is all rolling hills. However, I don’t think there is anything greater than 750'. Wes is the only other person from my team in the race. He has been riding strong. He should do well today. My objective is to stay at the front of the pack and help him.

I have a good position at the start line but I loose ground in the early fight for position. I don’t like the early jostling for position. There are a lot of sketchy riders in the pack. I end up about midway back. I don’t like the pinned up feeling of riding in a big pack. I leave a lot of room because I don’t trust the riding skills of the cat 4/5s. I try to relax and just be patient while looking for an opening to shoot up front. There is a lot of wasted energy in the hills and around the turns. There is one positive sign. My legs are strong on the climbs. I tend to gain ground in the pack. I just wish I had more freedom to let the bike roll through the turns and carry more momentum up the rollers.

I sit in the front half of the pack for the first lap and half of the 2nd lap. I finally see an opportunity to shoot up to the front on the left side. I sprint up to Wes, who was sitting about 5th position back. I am so grateful to be out of the fodder. I don’t care what happens from this point as long as I can enjoy the freedom of the open road for awhile. I ride with Wes at the front for awhile. I want to make sure I am at the front through the early rollers so that I can enjoy some freedom on the winding descents. I continue to ride strong through the hills. I even attacked on one hill to catch a solo break-away. I wasn’t riding to conserve energy. I was just enjoying the freedom of letting the bike roll. I didn’t feel tired so I wasn’t concerned about the final lap. The pack continued to catch on and bunch up. On the long gradual climb before the descent to the dam, I started to notice I was weakening. I had only drank 1/3 of my bottle and no food.

I blew up on the last climb of the 3rd lap. I fell off the back of the pack and couldn’t get back on. About half way around the last lap, I gave up the ghost and decided to spin home. I am hoping that it was a fueling error on my part. The crack came on very suddenly and unexpectedly.

I continue to dream about being on the front with 6 other guys that are committed to working together to set a blistering pace that will string the field out at the beginning of a race.

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44 miles should not be a fuelling problem, unless the race took you guys 3 hours ;-)

Work on your endurance, pre-race fuelling, etc. Next time string the field out at the end of the race!
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