Oregon Manifest - 2008 Handmade Bike Show announces date!

Announcing Oregon Manifest - 2008 Handmade BIke Show Octorber 10 to 12

Set within the heart of Portland's legendary cyclocross scene, OREGON MANIFEST will feature an unconquerable mix of custom framebuilders, bike-centric vendors, bike culture squads, and a
Sunday cross race to bring home the glory.

Oregon Manifest is the collective vision of Portland, Oregon's cycling and creative communities coming together to dream up and develop the most original, spirited, and spectacle-laden boutique bike show in
the nation.

This is no mere bike show. It's a celebration of everything Portland loves about handmade bikes, their builders, and the culture surrounding them.

Portland is Platinum, its cycling culture world-renowned, its handmade frame builders are thriving, its race scene the largest in the states, its cyclocross series the most raucous, and its citizens always at the ready for some fun on their bikes.

Stumptown Coffee.
Hometown pride.
Team Beer.
Mt. Tabor.
Midnight Cruising.
The Sprockettes.
Eddy Merckx Shrine.
Serious fender bikes.
Top tube cozies.

This is our manifest. Join us.

National builders and vendors are very welcome. Further specifications
and details coming soon.