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The web is a MUT
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depends on what you're selling

I've got an old 1967 Schwinn 2-speed cruiser I was looking up a value on a few years ago and came up with a few sites, but in the end came back to using e-bay as a price-point source. There's a few used bike sellers who show pricing like GVH and others. I don't have the links handy though and our firewall is going down any second now for a reset.

Ebay seems to be the best for pricing, and check some of the other country versions of it like the one for the UK and for Austrailia as they have a slightly different selection of items and pricing.

If you were selling something like a track bike I'd suggest checking for the nearest velodrome site and see if they have a classifies section like the Kenosha velodrome site have (
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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