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Speed_Metal said:
Are oversized handlebars (wider diameter at the stem-clamp area) significantly stiffer than regular sized handlebars? I've got to get a new pair anyway and was considering getting this style. And what are good clip-on aerobars?

The answer to your question is, sometimes a little bit, never a lot. The better question is "does it matter", the answer to which is "No."

With very few exceptions, stiffness is not an important performance parameter for ANY bicycle component. I realize that the "stiff = efficient" meme has been around for so long that I'm beating my head against the wall by bringing this up, but just because everybody says something doesn't make it true. Those flexible Vitus frames didn't slow Sean Kelly down much, did they?

Any handlebar, or anything else on the bicycle, for that matter, that is strong enough to withstand the load and not fail, will be stiff enough.You can't bend aluminum back and forth very far for very long before it breaks, so all those "noodly" standard-diameter bars out there couldn't have been bending very much, or more of them would have broken by now.

--Shannnon, swimming against the current in
San Diego, CA
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