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Speed_Metal said:
Are oversized handlebars (wider diameter at the stem-clamp area) significantly stiffer than regular sized handlebars? I've got to get a new pair anyway and was considering getting this style. And what are good clip-on aerobars?

Hey there,

I've just gotten oversize handlebars too on my new bike, and I'm going to give them a shot to see what happens.

For aerobars, I've had Syntace C-2 aerobars, and they've been great, but they won't fit on the oversize bars I now have. I do know there's a shim, but I got a good deal on the Deda Clip One aerobars that are around the same weight as the C-2 bars, and I'll see how they work for me in the next time trial I do.

- Marlon
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