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I recently purchased a set of 2011 Ksyrium Elites from. They were listed as New, and cost $428. Mavic recently changed the model, so the low price is understandable.

When they arrived, I noticed that they seem to have flaws in the paint inside the center of the rim.

The front has a 2-in section that looks like the paint is scraped off. The rear, has two sections like this, and a third section that looks like the paint wasn't applied correctly (it's coarse and there is a 1/4in bare spot). All of these sections were covered with tape. The tape was some sort of metal tape, and I was afraid it would damage the tube, so I removed it and put electrical tape over the defects.

Is this normal in a new wheelset? Was I sold factory seconds?

More importantly, is it safe to ride? It doesn't look like there's any underlying damage, just the paint.

My guess is that Mavic wouldn't have let unsafe wheels leave the factory... but you never know.
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