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I just stumbled upon this channel for the first time the other day... and I'm hooked.

Yesterday they had Rattle and Hum, followed by Duran Duran live at Wembley.... Both were fantastic. In the U2 thread the other day, it seems there is a perception that everything after Joshua Tree sucked. I just watched this video... Rattle and Hum was pretty darn good.

Anyway... Duran Duran... for it being a concert from 2000... it was pretty entertaining. They sounded pretty good. There was one song, where Simon played some sort of wood flute thing.... but the mic didnt pick it up... so there was this oddly long refrain where the band just played..... funny.

They had on a KISS concert the other day. It must have been from about the same timeframe. Gene Simmons could not sing at all. It was MEH all the makeup and such was cool... but the audience was HILARIOUS... lots and lots of black concert shirts and receeding hairlines. Almost no chicks. Question, could this dude EVER sing?

Thin Lizzy ... the lost concert footage is coming up next week.

Green Day: Bullet in a Bible is on at 8pm, Pearl Jam Storytellers is on at midnight...

Oh SNAP... tomorrow at 3:30... NELLY FURTADO.... yikes... be back in 5.
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