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Yep! I just heard it on radio canada and read it on C-News

This could be big. Perhaps his death will be enough of a shock and help open eyes on what doping does, directly or indirectly.
He was very depressed...

I "hated" the cheater (the word is a bit strong) but can't help to feel sad now. A big circus... And this clown was taking it too seriously!

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zero85ZEN said:
It's one of the top "ESPNews Headlines" links on the right.

Sad story. Appears to be suicide from some other reports I've found on the Net.

Depression is a horrible thing.
Sad. I used to love to watch him climb. The year he won the tour was the first year I really paid attention and I was amazed at the way he danced on the pedals.

Looks like depression finally won out.

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