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My Shimano R300E finally arrived today!

I am been using the R220E for 100+ miles and 15hrs+ of spinning classes and I am very happy with those.

I tried these on and right out of the box, they are the best feeling hsoes fit wise I have tried yet. Also no hot spots form the R220 and these fell better already. But I have not gone over 60 miles yet. If the HS come back, I will try my newer SPD-SL pedlas over the Keo. So far the SPD-SL with cheap shoes are not causing HS. Then again I have never wore them longer than 15 miles.

The newer SPD-SL are slighty wider than the Keo pedals, so it's worth a shot.
I will know more abou that by next week. I hate to give up my Carbon/Ti Keo for DA pedals, but I need to be comfortable. I guess Shimano shoes and pedals can get along with a campy drivetrain, right? :rolleyes:

I am going to wear the R300 for a month or so, then I might have these molded to my feet. The R220 is ever so slighty loose in the heal so those will get molded because they can. Slipping is not an issues, but I would like a more secure/custom fit. :thumbsup:

I think my feet probles are also solved. I have the right shoes and I measure my feet as well for the shims.

If you needed a wider to box, but a normal width shoes form the mid-foot to heel, Shimano E sizes are your ticket!! :D :D :D

Get them here on ebay:

Even though some shops are closing these out, there are NO changes for 2009 in the shoe or color as I had this confirmed for me.
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