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I had one of those and threw it away because it's worthless. What the tools is trying to do is measure elongation or change in the chain's pitch. What it really does is combine elongation and roller wear into a single, exaggerated reading. It will show some brands of chains to have .25% wear when new. The common recommendation is to change a chain when it reaches .5% elongation. Use a precision 12" scale to measure elongation. Place one end of the scale on the edge of a pin. When the pin at the opposite end gets close to exposing one half of it's diameter, the chain has .5% elongation.

Unfortunately, elongation is not a good measure of the wear on a Campy chain. I've had them show almost no elongation over 12 inches after 6,000 miles, but the chain was still shot due to roller and side wear. I measure the distance between rollers and toss the chain when it gets to the .235-.240 range. Campy suggests measuring a 5.200 inch length and changing when the reading gets to 5.220. Do that and you're losing about half of the useable chain life (but it sells a lot of chains).
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