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Very nice hub....

For those who do not speak / read German and who are interested in the latest LED lighting options:

This blog contains a link to Peter White Cycles who is importing the Schmidt generator powered LED bike light. Peter's site includes the english version of the German spec sheet. As you can see, it generates a lot more light than the highly regarded E6, and generates lots of light at lower wattages than halogen lights. Also, according to Peter White, the 20R weighs 390 grams vs. 570 for the SON 28. It's still not a feather, but 180 grams out of the front hub is significant, in my book.

FWIW, I've corresponded with Dinotte and they tell me they are reevaluating their prior decision to not offer generator powered lights.

Going to the Son 20R looks like a great call.
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