Paul Lew is the Director of Technolgy and Innovation for Reynolds Cycling and he is an expert in aerodynamics, which makes sense since he is a triathlete at heart. He is the founder of Lew Composites, a company that Reynolds bought in 2001. In 2008, Reynolds also bought the Lew Composites technology as well. Lew Composites made the first carbon clincher and that patent is now held by Reynolds. Paul has also designed carbon wheels for Shimano in the past. In short, Paul Lew knows carbon and composites.

RoadBikeReview recently visited the Reynolds Cycling HQ in Sandy, Utah right next to Salt Lake City. We had a chance to have Paul show us the highlights, additions and changes to their Aero lineup and their Attack-Assault-Strike lineup for 2014. Brand new for 2014 is the 48 Aero carbon wheelset. The 48 Aero follows the current line-up of the 58 Aero , 72 Aero and 90 Aero. The Aero line is built with 3 things in mind: high performance, aerodynamics and serviceability. Also new, the Attack - Assault - Strike line has been completely reworked. Known as the mid-range, performance line these wheels all feature a shallower depth and new 25mm width and the Reynolds SLG (Swirl Lip Generator) technology. There is also a disc version of the Assault wheels.

Paul tells us all about the changes and additions in the video below.

httpv:// Video: Paul Lew from Reynolds Cyclings talks about the 2014 road wheel lineup.

48 Aero

  • 48mm deep rim
  • 26.2mm wide
  • High performance air foil shape, DET (dispersive effect termination)
  • DET smooths the airflow so the wheel has minimal aerodynamic drag
  • Hidden spoke nipple
  • Continuous bladed spoke to rim interface
  • CTG brake track, cooler braking temps in all conditions


"The Attack is a terrific climbing wheel that has the chops to descend everything it summits."
  • Rim depth changed from 32mm to 29mm deep
  • Rim width changed from 21mm to 25mm
  • Bladed spokes
  • External nipples for maximum serviceability


"The Assault adheres to the pavement and offers outstanding road-feel. Lightweight and tough, it is an ideal rim for riding and racing."
  • Rim depth changes to 41mm
  • Widened to 25mm
  • Added an aerodynamic feature called SLG (Swirl Lip Generator)
  • SLG improves wheel handling and reduces drag


"Responsive and fast is where the name comes from. The Strike is suited well for criteriums, triathlon, and time trials."
  • New 62mm rim depth
  • 25mm wide rim
  • SLG feature
  • External nipples
  • Proprietary stright-pull Reynolds' hub
  • CTG brake track
More information about the 2014 lineup from Reynolds is coming to their website soon. Be sure to check for the news and 2014 product info at