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spepic said:
Always been a big fan of PBK. A few weeks back (July 8th) when they had their 15% off cupon, I stocked up and placed a big order. $200++. I got an email they recieved my order and and email it was shipped out. Since then I placed 3 small order and have recieved all of thoise items, the big complicated order has yet to come through.

A quick email from them said something about customs checking some orders, not sure what to do as I am starting to have a bad feeling about this. Advice from any expereinced PBK buyers?<embed allowScriptAccess="always" FlashVars="cid=20" src="" quality="high" bgcolor="#ffffff" width="1" height="1" name="movie" align="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" pluginspage=""></embed>
You are safe with PBK imo.
If it is because of customs, then you will receive a letter from them (that how it works here) asking you for some details and explaining you what is going on. Yes, customs are a pain in the...

I would say, wait another week and then mail PBK if you don't get your item by then.

Good luck!:thumbsup:
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