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if you've been doing that same schedule all year I bet you're a bit flat and this may have contributed to getting sick.

in the less - than 3 weeks remaining, any gains you would have gotten would be minimal.

so, rest, really rest, as in totally off the bike, until you are well. should take a week or so I'd guess if it's just a regular viral bug.

good nutrition, lots of b and c vitamins.

then you'll have one full week (May 7-14) before needing to think about tapering. do something different for those workouts - I'd move to shorter, above-threshold work, maybe even a few tabata intervals.

Starting May 15, go into taper mode. Cut back total workout time / volume to about 20-30% of normal, but maintain some intensity. So if you used to do a 2 hour ride with 20-min TT intervals, instead do a ~45 min ride with 1 TT-pace interval of 5 mins.
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