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Pedal w/Largest Platform?

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I'm looking for a NEW set of pedals and would like to find the one with the largest platform. It seems that all the major brands, SP, Look, Time, Shimano, give specs on stack height, clearance, etc. but none give actually platform dimensions.

From just eyeing them up it looks like the NEW Shimano 08' PD-7810 has the largest platform on the market?

Let me know what you think....
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Ok, so... why? What do you expect to achieve because of a "larger platform"?

If it's "stability," define what that means to you or what you're experiencing now that you don't like. Me, I don't like the feeling that my foot can "roll" to the outside that I've experienced with some shoe/pedal combos, so I went for a combo that satisfied my needs there.

BTW, keep in mind the concept of "shoe/pedal" system since that's really what affects your feel of the interface. Scot Gore clarified that I think.

It may be that your current pedals are fine, but you should shop for stiffer shoes. Or it may be that you just need a wedge or shim somewhere in the system so your foot is positioned correctly for you.

Not to mention the Q factor on those things. Cowboy up!

1 - 3 of 26 Posts
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