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Pedal w/Largest Platform?

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I'm looking for a NEW set of pedals and would like to find the one with the largest platform. It seems that all the major brands, SP, Look, Time, Shimano, give specs on stack height, clearance, etc. but none give actually platform dimensions.

From just eyeing them up it looks like the NEW Shimano 08' PD-7810 has the largest platform on the market?

Let me know what you think....
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Bocephus Jones II said:
it's not all that cut and dried. Speedplay cleats ARE the platform...they are huge cleats compared to the others you mention despite the pedals themselves being really small.
To further enforce what BJII is saying, the platform you experience is further influenced by the stiffness and quality of the your shoe. I have a set of Lake touring shoes that are designed with the idea that you might get off and walk some and pair of Specz. carbon soled road shoes that are designed with the idea that you are on the bike...period. The platform I experience in each is very different despite it being the same bike (and pedal).

GTDave said:
Crank Brothers Mallets
Honking big platform
Yes, but that honking big platform is essentially an afterthought add to address people perception/complaint that the eggbeaters don't have "enough" platform.

I'm not so sure adding this big hunk of plastic around an eggbeater will do anything to change the feel when riding clipless. However, it would make it a more pleasant day when you forget your shoes at home.

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1 - 2 of 26 Posts
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