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Pedal w/Largest Platform?

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I'm looking for a NEW set of pedals and would like to find the one with the largest platform. It seems that all the major brands, SP, Look, Time, Shimano, give specs on stack height, clearance, etc. but none give actually platform dimensions.

From just eyeing them up it looks like the NEW Shimano 08' PD-7810 has the largest platform on the market?

Let me know what you think....
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I haven't seen any hard numbers, either...

...but the Shimano SL stuff all seem to have wide platforms, as do the Campy Pro-fit ones. I like a wide platform myself, because it should distribute the pedaling force over a greater area, and (I hope) forestall "hot spots." The jury is still out on that one. But what the others have said about platform width ultimately being a function of pedal, cleat, and shoe rings true.

You might want to just go to a shop, and take a look at them.
Plus, you can say to people...

"Hey, check out my big Crank(s)!"
mseanschmidt said:
Sorry to stir up so much controversy!

First, what does OP mean?

So, I wanted to duplicate that feel in an updated and lighter 08' pedal. Thus, I wrote my post looking for guidance. Hopeful this gives more clarification and ou may be able to offer some guidance in pedal selection?
Don't sweat the 'tude; this site seems to bring out in folks the need to not just give opinion, but club you over the head like a baby seal with theirs. I'm not sure why. I do recall that the article in a bike magazine about this website specifically mentioned this tendency.

"OP" usually means "original poster," or "other person"; I've seen both uses.

IMHO ("in my humble opinion":) ), I think the Shimano SL or the Look Keo options would be to your liking.
1 - 3 of 26 Posts
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