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Pedal w/Largest Platform?

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I'm looking for a NEW set of pedals and would like to find the one with the largest platform. It seems that all the major brands, SP, Look, Time, Shimano, give specs on stack height, clearance, etc. but none give actually platform dimensions.

From just eyeing them up it looks like the NEW Shimano 08' PD-7810 has the largest platform on the market?

Let me know what you think....
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They need to be clip-ins...
Sorry if my post doesn't make sense.

I'm talking about road bike clip-in (w/cleats) pedals. Unfortunately, Speedplay (Zeros), Shimano PD7810, Look Keo, Campy, Time....... do not give there "real" platform dimensions .

I was just trying to find out which pedal/cleat combination offers the largest platform?
Looking for "TRUE" platform size including the cleat. I understand how SPs work. However all pedals once the cleat is engaged with the pedal have a true platform size. Some are much larger/smaller than others. That is the only incite I was looking for.
Sorry to stir up so much controversy!

First, what does OP mean?

Second, here is the background. I've been riding a set of CB Quattros Pedals with Specialized S-Works Shoes for the last year. I had a problem with a cleat so I threw on a set of old Shimano Pedals with the Look type cleat. I was shocked how much more secure and solid they felt. It may be impart due to a larger cleat and maybe a larger platform then the Quattro that attaches with a VERY small cleat and a medium size platform. I figured the platform played a big role in the more solid and powerful feel I got from the old Shimano pedal.

So, I wanted to duplicate that feel in an updated and lighter 08' pedal. Thus, I wrote my post looking for guidance. Hopeful this gives more clarification and ou may be able to offer some guidance in pedal selection?
1 - 5 of 26 Posts
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