WILMINGTON, Mass. - Neither ice nor mud nor snow nor sand could prevent Zdenek Stybar ("Stenek Steebahr") from claiming the rainbow stripes of the world cyclocross champion this past Sunday in his native Czech Republic. Power and prowess mattered most from the ground up but surface textures that ranged from slick to sloppy sparked numerous mechanicals, including a first-lap flat by Stybar. Of course this violated his race plan but after a bike swap, Stybar fought his way forward and never looked back.

"It was only beginning of the race and I felt very strong," Stybar said. "There was no panic, I started to ride hard and when I got to the head of the race, I attacked again."

The challenging course took its prisoners and even those who managed to stay upright by riding cautiously, forfeited time to riskier riders with no-holds-barred ambitions of winning the world title. Stybar, who rides on the road for the Telenet Fidea team, aligned his equipment with precision and recruited his superior fitness plus a little luck to execute a near-perfect race that scored him the victory. Stybar finished second in both 2008 and 2009 and has now achieved a goal that has alluded him these past two years.

1991 was the last time a Czech won the world title but there was little opportunity for Stybar to celebrate on Sunday, he had appointments to keep with Telenet Fidea sponsors in Belgium before he races three more times this week. It will be the first time he dons the rainbow stripes that distinguishes the world champion.

Pedro's supports the Telenet Fidea team's endeavors to win with a conscience to preserve the planet. By supplying Telenet Fidea's cyclocross team with environmentally-friendly tools, cleaners, degreasers, and lubes, Pedro's congratulates Zdenek Stybar and the rest of the team on its success.

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