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AppleCyclingComputer said:
Does anyone use Pedro's Cog Wrench instead of a chain whip? Granted, it only works for 11 or 12 tooth cogs, but it seems like less of a hassle than a traditional whip. I was also thinking about getting their socket handle rather than using my adjustable wrench. I'm also wondering if you need to fasten the skewer to the cassette locking tool with this setup (or if it's even possible) when using a cassette lockring tool without a guide pin. Any thoughts?
It's probably less hassle, but it's also less versatile. No using it on the track cogs of the fixed-gear, and there are a few cassette operations it's less useful for as well. I'd have and use both, but if I were choosing between them, the chain whip seems like the way to go.
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