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I am currently riding an 09 Orbea Orca. I am thinking about getting a steel frame bike for training. On the Orca I am riding a 54 and I am 5'10, what size frame would I need for Pegoretti same 54 or larger or smaller.



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I ride a 57 Orca and am 6' with a 33.75" cycling inseam. I have 7 steel framed bikes. 5 are 58's, which is perfect for me, and the other 2 are 60's, which works really well. The 60's have slightly shorter top tubes to help compensate and have the room for a slightly more upright setup should I choose to go that way.

I chose to go with the slightly smaller sized Orca because I wanted a more aggressive setup on that particular bike. That stated, all the bikes are set up (fit wise) to within 1/2 centimeter in every direction to each other.

You can see a good selection of them here , including the Orca.

Hope that helps.


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Check the top tube and and more importantly the head tube lenth . That differs on carbon bikes more often w/ steel . I ride a 51 cm pinarello 49 cm duende.. who are you getting it from . most dealers who are smart enough do be a peg dealer is smart enough to help you getting fitted .

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