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didn't see you guys as the only people who passed me was a group of 3 going up OLH after I past them on portolo.

Wow what a crazy day. Cold and cloudy, get to the top of OLH and sunny and warm all the way to the top of the climb on pescadero, then the clouds and mist came in.

I threw in a tunitas creek today. actually ended up being a very enjoyable ride. Not much wind down Pescadero or stage. Stage can be a killer when you are on your own.

Oh I would have not taken this route had I known about the gravel halfway between pescadero and woodside. Made climbing the second part and descending a bore.

Also man the road was really wet right at the stop sign on lobitas creak where you make the first sharp left. that was a bit sketchy.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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