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edwin headwind said:
Anybody riding in south Oakanogen valley. Relocating to Penticton area, hows the riding? any clubs, racing?
Very active riding and racing area.

Check in with the folks at Bike Barn when you get there, There is very fast group ride heads out on Saturday mornings which typically includes a couple of former Euro Pros to set pace.

This is the home of the Penticton Ironman so very active riding / running area.

Riding is good.

Lots of hills, etc. And you can pretty much ride all year round.

edwin headwind said:

Thanks for the info. Sounds awesome!
How hot do the summers get there?
Not too bad.

highs of around 37/ 38*

Today was 38, I think tomorrow is forecast for the same.

Tends to be an average of around 30 / 32

LOTS of sun, very dry ( it's a desert) so the heat is just that - heat. Not much humidity to speak of.

Winters tend to b within ( average) 5 degrees or so of zero, again dry , so doesn't feel too cold.

You ride through it.

Penticton tends to "feel" colder in the winter because there are two lakes surrounding it and you get a wind going from lake to lake.

Ricksom said:
WOW, no wonder the area is starting to look like a southern California retreat.

How is the Kettle Valley Rail Trail coming along? Most of it retored yet after the fires?
The trail was opened to the public again in late June of this year.

It has been a long restoration project but building trestles is, I guess, pretty much a forgotten art.

There was abit of a scare last month when a couple of drunk idiots went up into the bush one night and tried to set a fire at the base of one of the trestles, which thankfully did not catch. The damage was repaired pretty quickly.

I am told it is as beautiful as ever and I would like to get up there soon, before the snow starts to fall again. Just haven't made it up there yet.

Maybe in September.
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