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rstel66 said:
Ship-to-store is done with a store's distribution. Fed-Ex was the one used at the stores I managed at. Depending on the store size would determine how many times a distribution was sent per week usually once a week for a small store. The ship-to-store items would be included with the distribution. Once scanned in the store's system an email would be generated and sent to the recipients email address, as a receiving lead, I would give a courtesy call. The day the order is placed would determine when it would be shipped. That's why there is a three week delay in receipt, to account for the time as an order may be delayed for the next available distribution. That's the cost for the convenience of free shipping to the store. TP items would be shipped separably from the distribution.

That's what I would've figured. If you want to save $10-12-15 on shipping by having it go to the store, you'll get it in ~3 weeks when the rest of the store stuff comes. Just plan free cake.:(

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