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Ger said:
I updated my old Peugeot touring bike so that I can use it instead of putting wear and tear on my other bike. My only snag in the deal was that I could not find a good set of long reach brake calipers. I need at least 61 mm of reach and the only thing that I could find was a cheap set of diacomp like brakes. I only paid 12.00 for them from my local bicycle shop. I have them installed and they work better than the original Mafac brakes that came on the bike. I am wondering if there is a way to increase the braking power of the cheap single pivot brakes that I am currently using. I could put on a higher grade pad, but I don't know if this will help. Does anybody have suggestions?

upgraded pads will almost always help. kool stop salmon pads work well for me! i'm not sure what the shoes look like on that brake, but kool stop makes a ton of different formats. you might be able to upgrade them to the regular cartridge pads you find on the rest of the modern road bike brakes. if not, i'm sure there is a format that will fit your brakes. bring it to your LBS if you don't know what you're looking for.

i think shimano makes a long reach dual pivot brake if you wanted to upgrade...
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