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So I had a good crowd at my Prologue party munching baguettes and quiche and swilling hot coffee and Gerolsteiner water. It was fun! Our biggest laugh came from Phil at the end saying "..there's still alot more to come on OLN. We'll *:p 'recrap'*:p the prologue"..blablabla.. This guy,I love him but boy...does he come up with some good ones!
Just out of curiousity, does anyone remember Phil and Paul's reaction to Beloki's 2003 crash? The things they said? Did you ever hear World Cycling Productions edit of the crash on their 2003 Tour DVD? Unreal!!! Phil's voice is totally missing at crash time and Paul practically has an orgasm going on about Lance and how great he is while the crash scene and field ride is going on!:rolleyes:
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