Austrian Mattias Brändle on his way to history.

Austrian Mattias Brändle on his way to history.​

Barley a month after Jens Voigt set a new cycling hour record at a track in Grenchen, Switzerland, the German has been dethroned by Mattias Brändle, who rides for the IAM pro cycling team and is a three-time Austrian time trial champion. Spinning around the 200-meter velodrome in Aigle, Switzerland, Brändle bested the 43-year-old Voigt by 757 meters, roughly just shy of half a mile. At the end of the hour, Brändle had covered 51.852 kilometers, which comes out to 32.22mph.

Carrying the 24-year-old to the record was a modified version of Scott's new Plasma 5 time trial bike, which was set up specifically to be ridden on the track. The bike was stripped of hydration and fueling compartments, and was equipped with a special drop-out made specifically for track cycling hubs. Gearing was a Shimano Dura-Ace 55-tooth chainring paired with a 13-tooth cog. Power was tracked by an SRM power meter. And of course there were no brakes. Bike weight was 15.9 pounds and Brändle's averaged 98 RPMs for the 60-minute effort.

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