Louis Garneau is happy to announce the launch of Pick Pay Ride, the new individual team member online ordering system for Louis Garneau Custom. The new online system will feature the ability for team coordinators to manage orders and collect payment from team members. "Online Ordering Systems are becoming common in the custom apparel business, but through consulting with teams we have determined that many of them are not on target," remarks Pierre Perron, International Marketing Director for Louis Garneau. The Pick Pay Ride System differs from competitors online ordering systems in the following ways:
  • 2-Step Process: PPR allows teams to choose a 1 or 2 step process. The 2-step process allows team coordinator to survey their teams or clubs for prospective interest and choices of apparel before offering a final order. "We have found that one of the biggest obstacles teams face is making the decision as a group what chamois, fabric, and styles to pick. Our system allows for teams to really start by asking the team, 'what do you want to order?" notes Marie-Andree Vezina, Marketing Manager for Louis Garneau. This additional step can be superseded by advancing to the 1-step process which allows teams to immediately enter the payment stage.
  • Collecting Dues: In addition to ordering Louis Garneau Custom Apparel, the PPR System also functions as a portal for team coordinators to collect dues from their members. Dues can be added to custom orders as mandatory items and after checkout, dues will be sent directly to the team manager. This option really makes PPR an all-inclusive team organization center.
  • Static Links: The PPR System has the ability to offer a static link to the team's store. This html link can be posted on social media sites or emailed to friends and familys to help generate larger orders. In addition to static links communication with team members can be done through the system by importing address books.
  • Automatic Order Deadlines: With PPR, the team manager determines order deadlines. These deadlines help organize the workflow and insure the order is timely.
"We are excited to launch the PPR System. We are confident in the benefits this system will provide our teams and make it another reason why to choose Garneau," notes Perron. The PPR System is available now to teams and clubs in the United States with a version for the Canadian market coming soon. For more information contact Louis Garneau Custom at [email protected]