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cdmc said:
Here are a few pictures I snapped of the breakaway then the peleton.
Beautiful pics. You really captured one of the key parts of the race.

That's opportunist Michael Creed breaking away. Last year, he solo'd about 10 laps in front of the San Francisco Grand Prix.

With him is Milpitas boy Ben-Jacque Mayne making his mark. He knows all the roads like the back of his hand and he's showing the way. Ben is riding the new SRAM component group btw.

On the peleton shot is team Gerlosteiner leading the chase to protect the leader's jersey of Levi Leipheimer.

Unfortunately, on the Sierra Road 10%, 1800 foot climb, this leading group of three detonated. Creed hung on for a long time but was eventually caught and dropped. Levi led the charge with Landis and Kohl climbing the hill in about 18 minutes.

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