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I am not referring to the 4:13 or Paris Carbon, which do have very unique/trickey geometries.

I am referring to the Paris and Dogma geometries. The geometries shown at the link below seem to be different from what I used to see. For example, for a 52cm Dogma I had, the toptube length used to be listed as 53.7cm, but this is nowhere to be found in the current size chart. So can someone confirm that they indeed revamped their sizes?

Also someone familiar with Pinarello geometries (at least in the past) should be aware that the claimed center to center measurements are never truly center to center, but is more like measurement between the center to center measurement and the center to top measurement, so that a claimed size 52 indeed measures around 51 center to center. So if they indeed changed their sizes for 2006, are they still using this system, or do they use the true center to center measurements in their sizing? Thanks.
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