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Hi all,
I am trying to investigate if my bike is missing a part, or if otherwise there's an issue with the way the headset meets the fork. During the past few weeks/months of riding it, I have been noticing black dust accumulating in between these two components - the more I ride it, the more black dust there is. This is neat, black, uniformly fine dust which to me looks like ground carbon fiber from the frame. It is definitely not crud from the road or other stuff that just needs cleaning.

Is there some sort of spacer, or anything in between the headset and fork? As far as I can tell, on my bike the clearance between those two is essentially zero, and all of the bikes (Pinarello or not) I could see at the store last time I was there have something like 1/8"-1/4" clearance between the two. And currently the two are directly rubbing against each other. Maybe my headset has essentially collapsed onto the fork? Maybe there's a missing piece between the two?

The mechanics at the store insist nothing is wrong and the bike just needed having the headset tightened.

Thank you for sharing your knowledge on this. Pictures of your bike would be great.
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