Design, technology and styled from Italy, Pistard was created to satisfy the request of thousand of bike addicted, emerged from a worldwide consumer survey, to have products fitting for city use of bicycle, to go to office or to go out in the evening. Anything like this collection is almost not existing on the current market. Classical cuts and dressy design match with technical details to ease cycling; colours are sober; fabric is high-grade: the whole collection, fully hand-made has been conceived with hyper-technical fabrics, commonly used for professional performances; but at the same time clothes have urban cuts, fitting for urban contest.

Every item is tested before going on production. If results are not satisfying, the item won't be produced and the research starts again from scratch. Moreover, Pistard uses only recyclable packaging to keep an environmental

To fulfill the offer, Pistard also created a technical sport collection, to match the urban line with a pure sporty one. So that, the brand applies both to people conceiving bicycle as a city means of transporting and also to mere sportive people. Pistard introduces itself to the public through the website (www.pistard.cc), where people can buy, give the company feedback and be involved in development of following collections.

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