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I`m a long time Mountain biker, but from a couple of months to now, I`m feeling something everytime I see a road bike. I do train on the trainer with a pseudo road bike, I call it that way, because it`s a MTB with a road crankset, just to have the resistance that the 52teeth provide :D .

Well, one of my concerns about buying a new bike, is that it`ll be most of the time (because of my busy schedule) attached to the trainer. In fact I have a bike attached to the trainer all year long, and when I train on the road just put some slicks to the MTB and the knobbys on the weekends, but I sill think that a road bike for going outside and make some long distane trainings (I already do long endurance rides on the MTB) will be better.

So is it bad for the frame life the twisting forces that it`ll experiment on the trainer? (Elite mag trainer). I mean, the pseudo bike is made of cr-mo, the new road bike (that I`m planning to buy) will be of aluminium (don`t want carbon....yet ;) , mainly because I`m a college student so I`LL HAVE TO PAY WITH MY MONEY for it :rolleyes: ). I don`t want that a new bike brakes because of that. I`m planning to use it attached to the trainer 4 or 5 days per week. On summer and spring breaks, it`ll be free on the road, and obviusly some weekends, too.

Finally my main options are between an Allez elite double and a Merida road 903.

Obviusly the merida bike is cheaper than the specialized, but both have 105 components and very similar for the rest (excluding the zerts insertions and all that, thing that I know I will thank when the road get harsh), but $$$...

Well, what do you think??

thanks a lot! and sorry for my english :eek:
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