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Playa del Carmen, MEX ride report

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I just got back from 4 days in Playa del Carmen, Mexico....For those that don't know, Playa del Carmen is about an hour south of Cancun on what's billed as the Mayan Rivera...My son and his friend wanted to go so I ended up chaperoning them(ha....don't ask).., I managed to ride a couple of hours per day using the hotel supplied beach cruisers/mountain bike/single speed....I made quick friends with the kid that ran the bike stand and he let me "reserve" a good one every day..

A couple of observations:
1. The area is cycling friendly...part of the reason is because of necessity. there area a lot of people that use bikes as transportation... There as a 10 mile long ciclopista in the area..It basically ran from the hotel area to downtown....At times it was a glorified sidewalk while in other areas it was seperated lane( see picture with red line showing the bike lane)
2. Cargo bikes abound......these 3 wheeled cargo bikes are everywhere...They are used to haul auto parts, ice, food, you name it...
3. This area of Mexico is booming......The growth is tremendous

Without further a are some pictures
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some more....
and more....
and finally
Nice pics, Dave. The bike doesn`t look too bad either- I was expecting one of those "Panadero" specials with double tubes, rod brakes and big `ol swoopy handlebars. No food shots?
last time i was in cozumel, it was just after a hurricane and looked a lot worse
than your pics show - a couple years worth of rebuilding has shown lots of
good improvements.

nice pics!
Nice work, I'll be in Mazatlan at the first of August. There is supposed to be a 5 mile bike path and I plan to find out.
Very nice and a good looking bike. Beautiful and fun looking area.
Playa del Carmen kicked ass back in December 2001 when I was there. Was planning on checking out the Temple of the Sun, but the cruise ship didn’t allow ample time to get back to the ship. Some day will have to drive down to jolly ’ol Meh-hee-co with the family.
Awesome, DH. I think I would have spent more time taking picture than riding.

Both times I've been to Mexico as an adult were to Cabo. The highway that connects Cabo with all the other towns around it is peppered with roadside memorials. Can't say I'd want to ride around there.
Trust you to find a red and white SS.

How much trouble did the kids get into/find/create?
What happens in Mexico, stays in Mexico.....for a couple of 17 year olds that passed as legal drinking age, 18 years olds, they did fine..
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