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Please Avoid Cherry Valley Wheel Works!
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AKA: Marcus Collibolletti, Eric Prima

Also avoid Karbobike here on RBR! e-mail: [email protected]


Hopefully this becomes a sticky!!

Here some newer info:

It seems that Jason (karbonbike)/Mark has like his brother in law been taking some people for their money. He has also been selling grey market through the PM systems on quite a few forums. Serotta, WW etc.... Anyway while he has been supplying you he has at the same time been undercutting you, and selling Edge wheels grey market for $1100 direct to customers. I only know this because I was contacted by Edge about it.

At this point in time, he is out of Edge rims and Edge will not be selling him anymore. Knowing how they have handled things in the past, I doubt this will stop him from taking orders for Edge wheels from you. You would probably be best off to not place Edge orders with him anymore as he will not be able to deliver them to you. I know a couple people that got wheels from Mark Hoskin and since they did not trust him had them sent COD. The thing about this is that the UPS driver will usually not let you open the box before you pay for it. Mark was in the habit of sending wheels that the customer did not order. He then would make it impossible for them to collect a refund or the proper wheels.

Last address I have is:

Esoteric Equipment
1721 DATE ST
Beumont, CA
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Did they take you for some cash? I notice the blog has not been updated since April. Shouldn't this post be in Wheel and Tires?

Oops sorry, I just saw you posted there as well.
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