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Calling all Pinarello Experts.

I know I'm a newbie here but please hear me out guys
as I've been collecting bikes for decades and I know I should know better
but I bought this bike on the possibility that it may actually be a Pinarello.

I know it's very easy to say this is not a Pinarello but the more I've read about non stamped non pantographed vintage Pinarello's the more I see it as a possible early 80's model.

List of Pinarello Vintage Catalogs can be found here

Perhaps someone somewhere has something similar in their collection.
or can for definate 100% say it's not one.

The components list seems consistent in that it's a strange mix of Shimano rear Gears and Campagnolo GS cranks as per Pinarello catalogs. The seat post looks consistent.

The previous owner a wealthy hotel owner bought the bike from a keen cyclist friend of his. He was told if he was to respray the bike
he must keep at least the head tube decal as proof of it's manufacturer. He had the bike professionally over sprayed in a car garage he owned, the painter taped over the head tube decal which looks consistent with the age of the bike.

The head tube decal also flaked showing the original color which looks
like a pearlescent green which was an early 80's pinarello colour.

Now all this may be grasping at straws but perhaps someone here
knows early pinarello's like the back of their hand and can give a definitive answer.

Many Thanks in Advance.

Billy from Ireland​
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Got any serial numbers? Also a shot of the bottom of the BB and also any other decals would help. Any pump pegs? You could also pull the front fork out and check the steerer tube for numbers or marks and finally pull the seat post out and have a look down there as well. What's the cut out on the lugs look like? I take it you are not a photographer in your day job? LOL. Oh and what did you pay for this?
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