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I have a model year 2000 Trek 520 (touring bike). It came with a Shimano HG 72 chain, which I replaced after 5500 km with another HG 72 chain. I'm tired of those stupid $1 pins you have to buy every time you put the chain back on the bike, so now, after another 5500 km, I want to get a SRAM chain with a Power Link.

Should I get the PC 68 (8 speed, for road bikes) or the PC 890 (8 speed, for mountain bikes)? My chainrings are Shimano 105, 52/42/30, and my cassette is also Shimano, 8 speed, 11-30 teeth. My front derailleur is 105, and the rear is Deore LX. The fact that I have road gearing in the front and mountain gearing in the rear really threw me off. Which of those two SRAM chains will fit my bike?

Thank you in advance.
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