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poretexman said:
I have a model year 2000 Trek 520 (touring bike). It came with a Shimano HG 72 chain, which I replaced after 5500 km with another HG 72 chain. I'm tired of those stupid $1 pins you have to buy every time you put the chain back on the bike, so now, after another 5500 km, I want to get a SRAM chain with a Power Link.

Should I get the PC 68 (8 speed, for road bikes) or the PC 890 (8 speed, for mountain bikes)? My chainrings are Shimano 105, 52/42/30, and my cassette is also Shimano, 8 speed, 11-30 teeth. My front derailleur is 105, and the rear is Deore LX. The fact that I have road gearing in the front and mountain gearing in the rear really threw me off. Which of those two SRAM chains will fit my bike?

Thank you in advance.
I dont't know what the difference is except price and possibly # of links. Since your rear DR is long-cage, I would go with whatever has the most links. You will probably have to remove a few links with either chain, but try counting the links on your current chain and comparing that with either new chain, just to make sure. Some people say a chain is a chain, but that is not true, high end Shimano chains are notorious for wearing quickly, while the high end KMC chains treated against wear are well known for long wear (all chains require proper maintenance), I don't use SRAM chains, so have no opinion of them. I do use KMC on both my road and mountain bikes and they both have a power link type connecter.
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