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I'm slow
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RWGPS for mapping and routes. GC for upload of data. GC just displays data, has very limited reporting, and has no analysis tools.
Does RWGPS offer any analysis tools?

Steaming piles of opinion
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Training Center for logging.
Golden Cheetah for power data analysis and training.
Basecamp for defining routes with high-quality mapping and directionals.

I really don't care to show off what I've done, or fiddle with what others have done. If I'm looking for event routes, mapmyride seems to be where the searches take me.

For someone looking for an easy way to create routes, bikeroutetoaster.

Some will argue for all-in-one, but I prefer specialized component approach.

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Route planning
I always use ridewithgps for route planning. I set the Terrain checkmark on the Map pulldown to see hills. It's very easy to click down the road to draw the route, and to undo to try different paths. It makes good .tcx course files, and good printable cue sheets.

Three options for uploading a route recording.

(Garmin Connect is pretty limited. I don't use it at all.)

I'll upload some of my rides on ridewithgps. It can show statistics for the whole ride, or drag a section of the ride on the red elevation graph and see the Metrics tab on the right for detail on just that part of the ride.

One cool thing that I think is unique to ridewithgps is the "Time Spent at Each Speed" charts, click the thumbnail on the Metrics tab. Each bar is the number of minutes at that speed (or grade%--either uphill or downhill).

Long climbs on the Blue Ridge Parkway. ride link click the Terrain option on the Maps pulldown, then zoom way in!

Just barely hanging on the back of the fast group's pack. ride link.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ is interesting, too. Each climb on my ride is automatically measured, and I can see how my time compares to everyone else that rode it.

My Tourbook

Download for free here.
I keep all my rides on my PC, using the great, free, My Tourbook software. It took some time to get used to it using it, and to change the settings the way I like it.

I have the main page set like this, with rides in a list at top left, with monthly and yearly totals. The list columns include ride time, stopped time, mileage, elevation gain, average speed, average pulse, etc. The selected ride's zoomable map is at right, and the zoomable charts are at the bottom.

Here's the map zoomed way in, with each recorded GPS waypoint color coded by speed. I rode north, then returned downhill, turning right onto the side road.

Here's the graphs zoomed in:

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Been using Mapmyride with my Samsung Note 2
I have to 2nd the use of the Note 2. But I use runkeeper in conjuction with it.

I may have to switch back to my iPhone 4 to use with Runkeeper. Ever since I hada nasty spill withmy Note 2. . . it occasionally says that I have reached 400 mph during certain segments. I may be quick. . . . but I don't think that is right.
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