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I posted this already in the CX forum but am reposting it here in hopes of more feedback. Thanks for any info you may have.

Hey Guys,

First post here and honestly still a noob after a year of getting into mountain biking pretty seriously for a year but want to try something new. So here I am. Anyways I am casually in the market for a CX bike. After a bit of research I've decided that I really like the Lemond Poprad Disc. I like the looks, good reviews, decently spec'd, and have had a good experience with BB7's on my mountain bike.

I've searched around and have found a LBS that will sell a 2008 Lemond Poprad Disc for $1,099. After watching what these go for on ebay used, this seems like a pretty good deal. A reason for me wanting to buy new (as opposed to used) is that it's a CX bike and I have every intention of using it offroad and possibly the frame warranty if need be. I know I won't be doing any crazy drops or anything like that but I would like to use it accordingly (fireroads, singletrack).

My question is; is the steel frame that comes with the Poprad strong enough to withstand offroad and road use for years to come? I ask because if I can find a used Poprad and the frame would be strong enough for me not to have to really worry about it breaking, then I might go that route (used route). If not then maybe buying brand new from the LBS would be a good idea with the frame warranty and all.

I guess another important question is whether or not Lemond will continue to honor their warranty now that they are being dropped?

Thanks for any info you guys may have.
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