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From: Lisa Grant <[email protected]>
Date: Sun Apr 9, 2006 19:52:16 America/Phoenix
To: [email protected]
Subject: Specialized 2004 Epic $1400

Hello ,
How are you today, hope you are fine and well, well... Understand that i am interested in purchasing from you the item listed below:
Specialized 2004 Epic $1400

Pls understand that payment would be made out by either Money order or Cashier's check which will be issued in your name for easier cashing, Pls note that you would be receiving an excess payment which would cover the amount of your sales, amount of pickup and shipping to its final destination. I have a shipper who handles my shipping, so once you receive payment, take to Bank for cashing then deduct your own amount for the sales of the item, then whatever the remain balance is, i would send you my Shipper Information to wire the balance to, so he can just come round for the pickup and signing of necessary documentation. No hassle or stress with this, in summary i mean you would receive an excess payment, deduct your own after cashing an the excess part, should be wired via western union or money gram to my shipper information which i would be providing at that time.
If you are OK with this arrangement get back to me with your payable name and address, I would wait to read from you ASAP.
Mrs Lisa Grant

I didn't reply. Seems like scamers have one or two " _" in their email address. Further, their reply to my post was almost immediate and no questions regarding the bike. Hell, I can't even follow how this transaction would work in the first place.

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it's the same ole cut and paste scammers. Just delete it.
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