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I finally have my Panasonic touring bike almost complete... What better way to celebrate my 10,000 post than to post pictures of a new bike:) ..

Panasonic left the US market in 1988.

The Yellow Jersey in Madison, WI still imports Japanese market touring frames and keirin frames... Everything is ordered through the Panasonic POS(ha...maybe that's why they left the US... language translation). POS means personal ordering system...You have your choice of 30 different colors and 4 different logo colors...This frame is coupled similar to S+S bike. When broken down, it will fit in a 26 x 26 x 10 case.. Here is a link to the thread in commuting and touring given more details

My touring frame came with frame,fork, headset, fenders( not the wood ones on mine), front rack, downtube shifters with split cables...How much? All of the above was $795+ $35 shipping...

The pics show the complete bike. I'm still waiting for the honey Brooks bar tape.. The red tape is temporary..

The drivetrain is 7700 Dura Ace.. The brake and levers are Tetkro.. The stem is a Nitto Technomatic...I wanted to try a level bar/saddle with this bike for touring and so far it's very comfortable...The fenders are custom ordered from an eBay seller in the pacific northwest.. The bike came with aluminum fenders but I like the wood ones better...Wheels are open pro/Ultegra with Conti 32c tires( the is plenty of room..38c maybe even 40c)

I've only ridden it a little over 100 miles so far but I really enjoy the bike...

I plan on doing some credit card touring this summer and this bike is perfect for it.....

here are some pics...

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Ooooh...with teh Brooks tape that'll be dr000L worthy....heck it already is :D

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What a nice POS you have there Dave. ;) Thankfully they didn't use that term for the custom order frames here in America or it would have surely put the last nail in the coffin. (P.I.C.S. was the U.S. lingo but it didn't matter much with Panasonic bailing out after 1989.)

Looking good and I dig the wood fenders!

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MB1 said:
Those don't look anything like S&S Couplers. How about a close up of the frame coming apart (hopefully not while riding)?

Looks like a similar system to this:

Considering Japan's fascination with all things Herse, I'd guess there's some influence going on here...
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