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Post pictures of your fixed bike here

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I'd figured I'd start:

This is a Van Dessel CRB.
39x16 Gearing
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Back to SS. 36X 18 700X50C front 45C rear.


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That’s gorgeous, Zaskar. Beastly gear, though.
That’s gorgeous, Zaskar. Beastly gear, though.
Thanks @willyg289... I bought the Klein new in '97. It's had a few lives. For the past 10 years, it's been a single speed. The gearing is the third setup - each time going a little bigger. 53-15 seems to be perfect for the moderately hilly terrain around Atlanta. Any smaller (last was 53-16) and I spin out on two sections of our morning group ride - mostly flat, somewhat downhill sections... usually around 32-35 mph.
Hello All
I just got myself a new SE draft single speed to tool around the local bike paths.
60 years of riding high END still fun but simple still a good thing especially if you riding urban and are worried about by theft , not that I want to lose any bike I would rather loss a 269.90 SE draft. Highly recommend this model as a bike shop owner its high quality and low cost.
This is mine, I built it from an 80s Bianchi, repainted etc. 52:19 gearing.


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Planet X carbon pista frame, stayer carbon wheels, Berk Lukna saddle.

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Soma Rush
SRAM Omnium Crank
Dura Ace/Mavic Open Pro Wheels
Chris King Headset and BB
Velo Orange Stem
SimWorks by NITTO Little Nick Stealth Bar
20+ year old Ringle Seatpost
Time ATAC Pedals
Bicycle Tire Wheel Bicycles--Equipment and supplies Plant
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