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I just bought a 2012 TCR Advanced frameset. Are there any other companys besides Giant that make a stem & seatpost for this frameset? Thanks
Stems, yes. Syntace and Ritchey make stems that fit the larger steerer. Just look for stems at 1-1/4" instead of 1-1/8."

As for the seatpost, I have not seen any. Gonna guess no.

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I won't speak for Dank, but I'll give you my opinion.

100% compatible comes first. I agree it would be a bad idea if the seatpost was not 100% compatible. If that is not an issue, Here are the issues I'm thinking about.

Cost is certainly an issue. $200 for a brand new seatpost. I don't mind buying an additional seatpost, but don't want $200 sitting on a shelf waiting for me to break my original.

Availability is also an issue. Let's assume the seatpost breaks. Availability has been mentioned as a concern with this part. I have other bikes, but if I had a big race, ride, or event that I intended to ride the Giant Advanced on, I'd be kind of pissed if my local Giant retailer could not get the post to me within a few days. Also, what if the seatpost is discontinued several years from now?

Adjustments on seat - this seatpost comes with zero offset. I have been fitted, but if someone sitting between two sizes needs a micro adjustment, it would be nice to know of another seatpost that may offer a bit of offset.

2nd Seat & Seatpost depending on a ride length, it's discipline, or it's speed, I will sometimes switch to a different saddle. For TT's, I always like to have an additional seat / seatpost already setup. I don't want to make major adustments. For centuries, I have a go-to saddle that is more comfortable on longer rides. I just can't take the pounding of my toupe saddle that I really like for my < 50 mile rides / races.

Bottom line... it's just easier to drop in a second seatpost with a pre-set saddle & not have to change adjust, complete measurements etc... I just like to know my options. Inevitably, anything with moving parts is going to break. I just want to know my solution before the problem comes up. Knowing those options generally leads to getting back on that bike sooner, rather than later.

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Why would you bother using anything other than a Giant seat post that is specifically designed to match the frame both in terms of fit and appearance?
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