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Third ride with my Powertap G3 this past weekend, and things didn't work correctly from the beginning (no issues at all on previous 2 rides). The power numbers being displayed on my Garmin Edge 500 seemed to be missing the 2nd and 3rd digits. I was hoping that the last two digits were being recorded to the data file, but that was not the case either. At the 1:33 mark, the power numbers came back and stayed until 1:48 into the ride. The cadence functionality worked from 0:00 until it dropped out completely at 1:48. Total ride length was a bit over 2 hours. Anybody have an idea what might be happening?

0:00 - Power numbers seem to be first-digit only; cadence works
1:33 - Power numbers start working
1:48 - Power numbers seem to be first-digit only again; cadence stops working

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