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I've been using a powertap sl 2.4 (which I purchased used) for almost a year. It worked well (with very occasional signal drop issues) for most of this period, and I didn't need to replace the batteries which came with the hub for several months. A few weeks ago, the hub unit suddenly started draining batteries very quickly -- on the order of hours.

I'm averse to replacing products that I can repair myself, and Saris apparently charges $350 for repairing hubs as old as the sl 2.4. I've almost exhausted my idea bank for fixing this problem, so I'd like to solicit some help from people who've had similar issues:

-From what I can tell, the "powertap uses batteries quickly" issue is not uncommon. Saris tells me that this can be caused by corrosion damage to the battery cradle. I've replaced the cradle, but this did not fix my problem. Has this worked for anyone else with similar issues?

-Has anyone either disassembled a powertap, or come across documentation of anyone doing so? I have the resources to do things like replacing burnt IC components, but I would need to get at the electronics in the first place in order to check their integrity.

-I've replaced the batteries (definitely silver oxide) and the battery cradle, and I don't see any obvious corrosion damage. Any other ideas, or common issues I'm overlooking?

Apologies for unnecessary verbosity!
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