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You are asking the right question...

I am 6'5", 240lbs, and have ridden some pretty light equipment (mostly because I wanted to "have the best" and was stupid). A LOT depends on your riding style. Some people are really hard on equipment and break things. I don't, so I can get away with things.

Generally, most frames are strong enough to hold you, but the ride a clydesdale might experience could be MUCH different than a flyweight. The Cannondale R700 is more than strong enough. Cannondale frames are very light but built like tanks. Can't speak to the Giant frameset as I have never ridden one. Plenty of clydesdale buddies ride them, though.

The big thing you need to avoid are "stupid light" components, like super light, low spoke count wheels, ti-spindle pedals, super light saddles, bars, stems, etc. Of course, you will find plenty of people your size riding these, but for a few grams savings why take the chance? Especially on the wheels. Last thing you want to have is the thought you should have a more durable wheelset as you break a front spoke on a fast descent!

I became a convert to handbuilt wheels some time ago, so will always recommend them. However, the key recommendation is to make sure and keep the spoke count higher, even with pre-builts.
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