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I'm getting back into the swing of riding again. Currently, I'm riding a 20+-year-old RockHopper with big ol' knobbies. I plan to keep it as my urban bike for local neighborhood blasts and to get a road bike for the longer, faster rides in the country.

I'm quite taken with the Cannondale R700. It's about the max I can spend and is a frame that can be built upon, so I am told. I reckon the Giant OCR 1 is similar and maybe the Specialized Roubaix is more or less in the same ballpark.

My question has to do with my weight, currently ~215, and these lighter frames. I can see losing 20 lbs. if I keep the riding up. I'm wondering if the frames simply are not meant to handle heavier riders and may flex too much. Cannondale makes no bones about it that when you go with something like a CAAD8, you are trading longevity and durability for performance.

Purchasing advice seems to be "buy the most you can afford" to have a good platform. But is there a point of diminishing return for the heavier rider?
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